Monday, June 29, 2009

18 Weeks!

So the babe is approximately the size of a bell-pepper and weighs about 5oz! Grow baby! grow! We just found out that we get to find out the sex on July 10th! Julie, please make it to the bathroom:)


Dress up with Kuma

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Marry Me!

It was the day I was leaving for the mainland. . . I woke up early. Dave was already up and it's pretty normal for me to call him to find out where he is in the house-I asked him to come give me a good morning hug. . .when he came in I was confused to find him not dressed for work. I asked him why? He said "Surprise! I'm going to make you breakfast in bed and we're gonna hang out all day before your flight!" I was excited, but offered to get up and help. . . he was pretty persistent that I stay and relax:) The next thing I knew Kuma and Haru come running in the room all dressed up! I started cheering and clapping. . . they all jumped on the bed, Dave was so nervous. . . I had to remind him that HE had to ask me not just the doggies:)

I said yes.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Santa Cruz Belly 15 weeks!

those of you who don't think I have a belly yet... pipe down! I'm 15 weeks! and to me I'm huge . . :) Julie: 8 Months